Flat out work station

Flowstation MKIII

The Flat Out Work Station is a computer workstation designed for people who want to remain computer-active

  • during periods of post operative recovery
  • who have spinal disorders or disabilities which make it difficult to sit at a normal computer workstation
  • lying in a relaxed position

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Flowstation Background

The Flat Out Workstation (Flowstation) is an ergonomic computer workstation designed to be used lying down. Invented out of the need to continue working during periods of post operative recovery, the product has been tested taking both ergonomics and user feedback into account.

"Using the Flowstation I was 'flat out' at work three days after my op... I still use my Flowstation when I need to rest my back, or just as a relaxed way of working", says inventor, Colin Gans. Medical practitioners including occupational therapists and back surgeons have approved the product for use in rehabilitative programs.

If you are a health professional wishing to include the Flowstation in your rehabilitative program, please contact us.

Flowstation as an enabling tool, allows people who would otherwise be unable to work, to lead more fulfilling lives. As a means of raising self-esteem and confidence, the Flowstation offers such individuals the opportunity to access and explore the world of computing.

Simple in concept, the Flowstation has appeal for use in business, education and for entertainment. A patent application has been registered.

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Flowstation Benefits

  • Allows work to be performed in a very relaxed manner
  • Lying position reduces stress on the spine
  • Comfort of lying ‘flat out’ can also reduce mental stress and allow greater focus when performing critical tasks
  • Enables people who have difficulty sitting for extended periods to remain computer-active
  • May also reduce neck pain and allow other overuse injuries to heal
  • Use of a hands free telephone allows easy communication while working
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Further Information on Flowstation

The Flowstation is an ergonomic computer workstation designed for people who have difficulty working in a sitting position.

While lying on your back, the Flowstation enables you to use a computer.

The keyboard is supported in a vertical plane with a trackball mouse to one side. The computer monitor is supported above, facing downwards, with the remainder of the computer system connected in the usual way, to one side. The keyboard is positioned so that your forearms are almost vertical when typing, while your upper arms are comfortably supported by the mattress upon which you lie. This allows work to be performed in a relaxed manner. There is space on the frame for a hands free telephone, with headset, allowing you to talk effortlessly  with others while working. The Flowstation height can be adjusted for the length of your arms. The position of the mouse and keyboard can also be adjusted on the frame bridge.

Flowstation can be easily transported and assembled in less than five minutes (help is required by a second person for height adjustment during setup). Flowstation is supplied with a trackball mouse and keyboard and is available for hire in some locations (minimum 1 month) or purchase.

 If you would like to order, know more about the Flat Out Work Station, pricing in your location etc. please mail us: info

To determine whether Flowstation can benefit you, please consult your health professional first with the above information.

Flowstation Limited was established in 1998 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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