About the photographer
High quality mounted limited edition canvas prints in A2+ size for sale. Email or ring New Zealand (09) 410 3881 for details and to order. Stretched canvas over wooden frame approx. 76cm x 50.8cm x 4.2cm (30" x 20" x 1.7"). Prints subject to availability.
Chevron Barracuda Dolphin Humpback Adolescents
Flying Turtle Niue Seascape Red Moki
Silver Drummer Turtle Portrait Spinner Dolphin
Humpback Pygmy Seahorse Bull Shark
Humpback Calf Manta Ray Tawny Nurse Shark
Tiger Shark Anemone Fish Whale Shark
Anthias Bobtail Squid Fakarava Azure
Goatfish Grey Reef Shark Humphead Wrasse
Island Palm Sandagger in Kelp Tern
Tropic Driftwood Tropic Pink Sand Ripples Unicornfish
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